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Fashion Sunglasses

LS2101 Demi Amber Prescription Sunglasses
$198.00  $49.00
S8507 Black Prescription Sunglasses
$118.00  $69.00
TR90 S2992 Green C7 Prescription Sunglasses
$118.00  $69.00
TR90 SM1359 C10 Prescription Sunglasses
$118.00  $69.00

S2562 Gun Prescription Sunglasses
$139.00  $69.00

Discount Glasses

TR1816 Black/Silver Prescription Glasses
$98.00  $49.00
TR1817 Demi Amber Mens Eyeglasses
$98.00  $49.00
A3029 Black/Clear Mens Glasses
$98.00  $49.00
Q6604 Black Cheap Eyeglasses
$139.00  $39.00
B2267 Gold Womens Eyeglasses
$128.00  $39.00
M1115 Gun Mens Eyeglasses
$118.00  $39.00

New Prescription Eyeglasses

A9831 Green/White Cheap Glasses
$234.00  $29.00
BL8010 Grey Prescription Glasses
$118.00  $29.00
BL8002C25 Red Prescription Eyeglasses
$118.00  $29.00
BL8007C20 Black Brown Eyeglasses
$118.00  $29.00
SD2081c1 Black Cheap Glasses
$128.00  $29.00
P2249 Demi Amber Cheap Glasses
$98.00  $29.00

Cheap Prescription Glasses

BL8025c21x Cheap Glasses with Blue Frame
$118.00  $29.00
M8114 prescription Glasses with Gun Frame
$118.00  $29.00
TR601c6 Cheap Eyeglasses with Grey Frame
$118.00  $29.00
M1116 Black Prescription Glasses
$118.00  $39.00
M1023 Black Cheap Eyeglasses
$98.00  $29.00
Q6601 Black Cheap Eyeglasses
$139.00  $39.00

Promotional Glasses

T5523 Brown Mens Eyeglasses
$230.00  $99.00
T5606 Red Womens Eyeglasses
$230.00  $99.00
T5810 Brown Mens Eyeglasses
$230.00  $99.00
T5808 Silver Mens Glasses
$230.00  $99.00
S9812 Black Prescription Sunglasses
$118.00  $69.00
S8507 C45 Clear Prescription Sunglasses
$118.00  $69.00

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What Our Customers Saying about


As always all the eyeglasses I have bought from have been excellent, on time, fit well and exactly as described online. Never needed a refund. Thank you for your great eyeglasses and service.

My new progressive glasses are wonderful! I was nervous about ordering eyeglasses online. However, is so easy to use, and so cheap, only cost me 39-dollar glasses. My new prescription glasses are so comfortable to wear and I can see perfectly with them. These are the best pair of eye glasses I\'ve ever owned! I will certainly order from your company again! I did attempt to order from an online competitor twice but I had to return both glasses due to bad fit and bad lenses. Thanks for a quality product and making the ordering process so easy!

More Testimonials... is the online leader for all your prescription glasses, sunglasses, spectacles and sports glasses needs in Canada . We fill most glasses prescriptions discounted up to 80% off regular retail prices. Whether your prescription glasses need is for distance or reading glasses, single vision lenses, progressive no line, bifocal glasses or trifocals, or no lenses at all (Frames only), has the eyewear and prescription glasses frames for your lifestyle. And, you can try on your frames online with our patented Virtual Try-On System.

Cheap Glasses: Our cheap glasses frames come in sensible, functional, yet fashionable styles. They are available in an assortment of colors and patterns including a very chic cute panda designed frame. All frames in your collor of choices offered can be beautifully crafted with the prescription lens your eyes need from single vision to transitional vision. All our lens include UV 400 treatment and a scratch resistant coating in the selling price .

Fashion Prescription Sunglasses: Our fashionable sunglasses collection offers over 100 different frame styles and most are available in 3 or more different colors or patterns. You can order non prescription or prescription strength lenses to fit our sunglasses. They are sporty and fashionable. Look good in your fashionable shades or safety/ sports glasses. Trendy styles for everyone.

Kids Glasses: (see more complete listing under gender options)
KIDS GLASSES: Check out our collection of cute yet functional eyeglasses perfect for toddlers to young teens. Over a dozen frame options specially crafted for the younger generation. We suggest polycarbonate lens material and titanium and bendable frame options because there strong durable material will hold up to the active often rough handling most kids will put them through. All prescription lens can be created to fit these frames helping the younger generation look and feel comfortable and cool as they go off to learn and have fun in and out of school.

Best Selling Glasses: These frames are very popular simply made affordably priced and available in an assortment of styles. Daily wear pairs, safety wear, sport styled, and basic sunglasses all in a choice of colors and patterns capable of handling whatever lens style you need and all include UV 400 protection as well as scratch resistant coated lens.

Progressive Glasses: (see more complete listing under lens options)
Progressive lens frame options: This category of eye wear frames represent a huge assortment of modern, trendy, even elegant styled frames for your no line bifocals or varifocal eyewear prescription.. The lens will allow far and near sightedness in one lens. Check out the over 180 different frame styles and have fun picking your choice of frame shapes, and colors or pattern options.

How easy is it to order cheap eyeglasses online?

Ordering cheap eyeglasses online can be the easiest thing you’ve done to save money in a long time... even if you have a prescription. Cheap prescription glasses are our specialty.

Three simple steps. Here’s what you need to do in order to claim your cheap eyeglasses online:

  1. Obtain your prescription from your optician. Make sure ask for your Pupil Distance (PD).
  2. Browse our selection of discount glasses and select your lens AND your frame online, then follow the instructions and fill out all the forward information that is needed.
  3. Get your cheap glasses delivered to your door.

Should you have any questions at all about how to claim your cheap glasses online, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always here to help you discover the best pair of discount glasses money can buy. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Our discount eyeglass staff can be reached online, via phone or email. For detailed information, please go to our contact page.

How can we discount glasses so much?

Simple. We are the manufacturer.

Since we are bringing discount eyeglasses from the factory directly to you, via the internet, we don't have the additional overhead constraints and expenses that the traditional non-discount eyeglass retailer will have. We have eliminated distributor and wholesaler mark-ups on our whole line of discounted eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses along with the costs of retail space, behind-the-counter employees, and warehousing. Thus the steep discount is passed on to you, the general public.Cheap glasses online is what we are.

How is the quality of your discount eyeglasses compare to the glasses sold in a retail store?

Our discount eyeglasses are of the same, if not better, quality as the glasses sold in a normal retail store, just with a steep discount.

We have been a manufacturer of commercial grade optical products for over 20 years. Seeing the need for cheap or discounted, high quality prescription glasses in the market, we decided to launch this web site to bring ordinary consumers our professional grade products and service at a huge discount.

Further, the discount eyeglasses are also come with free UV400 treatment and Scratch Resistance Coating at no extra cost.

What type of prescription glasses do you carry?

Our line of glasses are the most extensive in the industry. We carry three main categories of Glasses: Single Vision Glasses, Bifocal Glasses and Progressive Glasses.

Under each category, we have four main lens material types: Clear Lens, Tinted Prescription Sunglasses, Polarized Sunglasses and Photochromic Sunglasses.

What type of eyeglasses frames do you carry?

We carry all the latest material and style of the optical industry. Our frames include metal frame, plastic frame, bendable frame and titanium frames, Style wise, we have rimless eyeglasses, full rim eyeglasses, semi-rimless eyeglasses and eyeglasses for child.

Our cheapest eyeglasses are of the same, if not better, quality as those sold in a normal retail store, just with a steep discount.

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