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Cheap Glasses Are A New Reality

Most people know and realize that a normal pair of eyeglasses can cost them a lot of money. The good news is that cheap glasses are a new reality. All that one has to do to find a cheap pair of eyeglasses is be selective about how one buys one’s eyeglasses. Nowadays, it is possible to purchase cheap Dame Edna look eyeglasses as well as cheap John Lennon eyeglasses with relative ease.

Check out online discount stores

The best way to cut costs on the price of eyewear is by checking out online discount stores. In order to purchase the item for a low cost, you need to provide your latest prescription which in turn should not be older than two years. If you try to buy your eyewear from the high street you know that you will have to pay a very high price because high street prices include high overheads and middleman costs. However, online discount stores make their purchases straight from the manufacturer and therefore are able to slash their prices and offer special discounts and deals.

Prescription, sphere and PD

Certain details including your prescription, sphere (which specifies the strength of your lens) need to be provided to the seller. In addition, you also need to provide the pupillary distance measurement and the details about your cylinder and axis.

Cheap designer wear

Armed with this information you can go ahead and purchase a nice pair of cheap eyeglasses. These days it is also possible to purchase cheap designer eyeglasses. Before shopping for such eyewear items, be sure to visit the high street to try out some frames to see what makes you look your best. Note down the exact model number and then go online and search for the same.

Be careful about ordering your cheap eyeglasses online. In particular, you need to be careful about entering the right prescription. If you get this wrong you are not guaranteed that the online seller will give you a refund or even be willing to exchange your product. Of course, there are some online sellers that do offer full money back guarantees. But it still pays to check whether the seller is offering you a money back guarantee.

It is also important to ensure that you are purchasing a pair that fits you well. After ordering your eyeglasses, be sure to visit the high street to get a final fitting and to make whatever adjustments are necessary. Check the dimensions of the frame and check these with a pair of your old glasses to ensure that you have got the size right.