How Much Should You Pay for Cheap Eyeglasses?

A new pair of eyeglasses can cost quite a lot of money which is why it pays to find out how much should you pay for cheap eyeglasses. The good news is that there are many good and tempting deals available online and even high street opticians are offering two-for-one deals as well as special discounts on designer frames. With so many different deals available it makes sense to learn how to spot a genuine deal and how much one should pay for the cheap eyeglasses.

Check out terms and conditions

Before buying cheap eyeglasses it is a good idea to look closely at not just the offer but also the terms and conditions. When checking out special offers, be sure to check whether they exclude certain kinds of prescriptions. You should also find out how much the cost of add-ons such as anti-reflection and anti-glare coatings are. In addition, be sure to check whether the offer has certain limitations such as a limited number of frames or only designer frames.

Same quality

When checking the true cost of cheap eyeglasses you must do your best to purchase eyeglasses that are not only like big name brands but in fact are of the exact same quality. You will do well to deal with sellers who source their lens materials from the very same people that sell to the big name brands. The real difference is that when you deal with a seller that is offering cheap eyeglasses you are not being charged a huge markup on the price.

Protect your eyes

Eyeglasses, including cheap ones, help to protect our eyes and at the same time, they also make us look smarter and more attractive and they become the focal point for those who are looking at the wearer. Typically, the price for a nice pair of cheap eyeglasses should not be more than forty dollars though there may be an additional charge in case you want to order bifocal cheap eyeglasses or if you want thick lenses. The cost of the anti-glare coating is also an add-on which however should not come to more than five dollars. Compared to the fifty to hundred dollars that you will pay at most places, a price of five dollars is really very little.

Be sure to factor in the cost of shipping which again should not be more than five dollars and this price is the same whether you order one or multiple numbers of frames. These low prices are possible because the seller is buying cheap eyeglasses from countries like China. However, even though the frames are made in China the quality is nonetheless very good and comparable to what you would find elsewhere.