Men, Let the Fashion Statement Begin

Some Men are hesitant to wear reading glasses, but probably all agree “better readers, then squinting while taking my date out !” Whether you are a Mr. Fixit fellow at home, or behind a desk at work there are some very flattering styles of reading glasses out there for you. Wearing “Readers” can improve your quality of life. They can help you feel more confident as you do that presentation. With the right fit and style, your readers can complement your image. Squinting at the fine print of a newspaper or magazine or the directions of that new “some assembly required” item you promised to put together for that special someone can make you look much older then you are.

Pulling out a pair of stylish reading glasses will make you much more attractive than that aging Squint. Forget all your fears about wearing unflattering readers. Today’s wide selection of designs and complementary colors will surprise you and make you look good. Before you pick the style you like, you will need to know what magnification you need for your eyes. If you have been keeping up on those routine eye examinations your Doctor may have given you the power your eye’s need. If not, then there is no time like the present to see your Eye Care Professional. A routine exam, and evaluation if necessary can rule out other problems first. If there is anything of concern your specialist can help you get the right treatment for yourself. If it is just a pair of Readers you need, your specialist can identify and write out the prescription strength of readers that you need at this time.

Reading glasses are readily accessible and quite affordable. You can buy them at many convenient locations from drugstores to department stores or even at an online website. The frames you choose should contrast with your face. So for the best complementary look, you might need a couple extra pointers to help you choose the trendy frame of your choice for the reading magnification that will best help you improve your vision while reading and doing close work. Generally, the shape of your face needs to coordinate with the shape of your frames.

Round faces are best complemented by square or rectangular shaped frames. If you are basically more Squamish in shape your faces will be best complemented by Readers in a round shaped frames. If your face is more heart-shaped, rimless styles or frames that are wider at the bottom will look great on you. Maybe you have a more oblong shaped face, in that case, deep frames will look best on your face. If you have an oval shaped face then just about any shape will look good on you. Once you determine your faces shape you can then choose the color or pattern for your frames and get it in the magnification recommended or that you have established that works best for you. After that, you can choose more than one pair if desired. Have a pair for work and home, carry a pair with you everywhere. If you want to look stylish with whatever you wear, order or pick up more than one pair so you can look comfortably casual, or serious business oriented. Step out of your comfort zone, order Readers today to keep you younger looking tomorrow.