Protect Your Skin, Have Fun and Enjoy Your Fishing or Vacation Trip

Here comes the sun, now the clouds, now the sun again. Looks and feels like a great day to be out on the water fishing from a boat or in your waders fishing from the shore. Oregon the “WEBFOOT State.” is blessed with a wonderful climate for fishing. Alaska has had the most fish and the largest, even Texans wouldn’t challenge Alaska’s claim to fame. British Columbia has thousands of sparkling lakes and many beautiful mountain streams for fisher folks like you. Washington has more than 2800 lakes to fish in. California has lots of inshore and offshore opportunities for fisher folk. Montana “The Treasure State” has more than 15,000 miles of blue ribbon fishing streams. I could tell you about many other Countries, States, Providences etc around the world that cater to the fisher folks. But Let me bring you back to what this has to do with eyewear and care. Prolonged exposure to the sun can threaten your sight and cause skin damage.

Going on a fishing trip or just on vacations puts your eyes at risk for overexposure of the sun. The sun’s rays produce ultraviolet light in two UV wavelengths. UV-A wavelengths contribute to skin aging UV-B exposes you to a type of radiation that can cause sunburn damage that could develop into skin cancer later in your life. UV wavelengths can also cause Ocular damage that could result in a greater incidence of glaucoma, macular degeneration, and even cataracts. If you truly love to fish, protect your eyes! Protect your skin. It does not matter if you are in a boat, or on the land, at a river, or lake, or stream, or even out in the ocean. You can take precautions to limit the hazards of exposure to damaging sun rays.

You can enjoy the gentle bumping of water waves under your boat or tickle your feet near shore or bounce you around in your fishing waders, just take precautions.

THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF OPHTHALMOLOGY makes several sensible recommendations for protecting your eyes and skin against overexposure to the sun. Even if you have perfect sight as you read this article maintaining that perfect vision is an important aspect of your health. Being aware of the hazards is the first step to preventing serious damage to eyes and skin from exposure to UltraViolet wavelengths. First and foremost Invest in an appropriate sunscreen. Supplement that lathered on sunscreen with a hat and sunglasses, but not just any old sunglasses that block 99 to 100% of UV rays or Motorcycle Goggles if you are around the water a lot, with lenses that will absorb all UV-A and UV-B rays and for added protection blue light absorption may be helpful as well. Invest in safety for your eyes. Visit a local eyewear shop or check online for UV blocking sunglasses or sun goggles, protect your eyes from vision damage. While you enjoy your fishing or camping trip protect your eyes, protect your skin, have fun and enjoy your fishing or vacation trip.