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How to Choose Best Prescription Eyeglasses for People with Small Faces?

One of the most important considerations before purchasing prescription eyeglasses is finding a pair that suits and fits your face. When the time comes to learn how to choose best prescription eyeglasses for people with small faces there are several options available. Before picking a pair, it makes sense to learn the rules regarding the type of prescription eyeglasses that will suit your small face the most.

Choose something that is not similar to the shape of your face

People with a small face need to understand that it does not pay to purchase eyewear that is similar in shape to your face. However, it is easy to find a frame for people with small and oval faces because virtually every kind of frame will suit such a face. The good news about purchasing prescription eyeglasses for small faces is that you can go with small frame sizes as these will look good for your kind of face.

What should women choose?

Women with small faces should go with cat-eye style frames as these look very nice on a small face. For men with small faces, the best option is to go with small and round frames and in addition, they can also go with small wayfarer style frames.

Try on the glasses

Before choosing a frame, it is important to try on the glasses to see whether the frames actually suit your face and whether they are a good fit. You should try out several different styles to see which one is the best for your face.

It is also a good idea to first visit an optometrist who will measure your size for the glass frames as well as the lenses. After obtaining this information you can then choose a style of frame that you think looks good with your small sized face. You should also request the optician to make to custom fit the glasses for your small face.

The bottom line is that when it comes to choosing the best prescription eyeglasses for small faces there are many options available. However, even though most frame sizes are suitable, it pays to go with small sized frames as these will look the best on your face. If you go with large sized frames your face will look too small. If you want your small face to look wider then you can go with rectangular frames.

The key to picking the best item of eyewear for your small face is that you need to pick the right frame and in addition, you need to also pick the best lenses. Furthermore, you should pick something that complements your look as well as your lifestyle.