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How to Choose best Prescription Glasses for People with Wide Faces?

Those who wear the right prescription eyeglasses can rest assured that they are going to look their best and at the same time they will also get to enjoy twenty-twenty vision. It is important when the time comes to find out more about how to choose best prescription eyeglasses for people with wide faces, to take into account several factors that can help you to pick the most suitable pair. With a wide face, you need to pick certain kind of prescription eyeglasses and the right option will help you to make a good first impression.

Factor in size, thickness and color

When the time comes to choose the best prescription glasses for a wide face you have to factor in the size and thickness as well as color. A proper size for a wide face is anything that is not small in size. In fact, you should go with large or medium-sized frames as these will help to make your face look more attractive and in proportion.

Lens thickness

The second consideration is the thickness of the lenses. Fortunately for people with wide faces, any thickness of frames is sure to look good on their faces. The best option, however, is to opt for frames that is medium thick or quite thick. When choosing the color of the frame you need to factor in your skin tone and so it pays to pick a color that complements your skin tone.

Obtain your latest prescription

Before selecting the best prescription eyeglasses for your wide face, you should also ensure that you have your latest prescription available to you. You need to show this prescription to the optician and you also need to tell them that you are looking for frames that suit a person with a square face. A specialist in prescription eyeglasses can help you pick the best option.

One can purchase one’s prescription eyeglasses from any local eyeglass store and also from online stores.  A local store is often a better idea because there you can try on the glasses and if you are purchasing these items for the first time then it makes more sense to visit a local store to make your purchase.

The good thing about choosing the right pair of prescription eyeglasses for people with wide faces is that there are many frame styles to pick and choose from. You can pick from celebrity style eyewear as well as designer eyewear though these are sure to be more costly. The most important aspects are your prescription and the size and fit of the frame.