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How to Choose Prescription eyeglasses for Small Eyes?

People that have small eyes tend to envy others whose eyes are large and big. If you are wondering about how to choose prescription eyeglasses for small eyes, here are a few tips to help you pick a pair of prescription eyeglasses that will suit you and make you stop envying people with large eyes. Small eyes require special kind of prescription eyeglasses which must also not just rectify your vision but also enhance your looks.

Obtain your prescription

When choosing prescription glasses for small eyes, you must start by obtaining your prescription. Next, it is important to pick a pair that complements the shape of your face. Be sure to avoid using nylon eyeglass frames as these will not suit you. If your face is rectangular or square in shape you will do well to pick frames that are oval in shape. Also, be sure to go with frames that are slim.

What’s best for a round face?

If your face is round, then you will do well to choose round shaped eyeglass frames. Alternatively, you can also think about choosing rectangular prescription eyeglasses. For those whose faces are oval in shape, the good news is that virtually every kind of frame will suit their face.

Black colored frames are very popular

Black colored frames are a very popular option for those whose eyes are small in size. These black colored frames can be further categorized as rimless, half-rimless and full rimless. When choosing a color for your frame you should go with a color that complements the color of your skin. For people with small eyes, it is also a good idea to opt for lightweight prescription eyeglasses as these will be easy to wear and they will not make indentations on the bridge of your nose.

It also pays to select your frames according to how well they are in proportion to your face. For small eyes, it is recommended to purchase prescription eyeglasses that are more delicate. Do not go with large sized frames as these will dwarf your look. The frame that you choose should also not be wider than the width of your face and it should also be in line with your eyebrows at the top. Also, make sure that the prescription eyeglass frames are not lower than the highest point of your nostril’s contour.

The task of choosing prescription eyeglasses for small eyes can be daunting as your ophthalmologist might not be able to offer advice regarding style and fashion. The bottom line is that you should go with frames that complement or even contrast with the shape of your face.