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How to Choose Proper Eyeglasses for People with Long Faces?

When the time comes to buy eyeglasses one should look at two important factors which are vision correction and style. If you want to learn how to choose proper eyeglasses for people with long faces then you will need to find out more about what type of frames are most suitable for this particular face shape. A person with a long face is one whose face is longer than its width. In addition, such people will also have a forehead that is tall and their cheekbones will be high and their noses tend to be long.

Creating an illusion of smallness

For a person with a long face the best option is to pick a frame that helps in creating the illusion that the face is actually shorter than it is. This means that you should opt for broad glasses which have accented temples and perhaps a rim top which is also accented as this helps to make your face appear wider.

Avoid small frames

People with long faces will do well to avoid buying eyeglasses that are small because these do not suit their facial shapes. Therefore, be sure to avoid buying eyeglasses that have short frames and look for something that is all.

Long and oval face shape

Of course, there are different kinds of long faces. Some people have long and oval face shapes and for them, they will need to pick the shield style which hugs the face and in doing so creates a very nice mask effect. Aviator glasses are also nice for those who have long and oval faces and such people should also go with rimless frames as well as metal rimmed frames.

Long and diamond shape

For those people who have a long and diamond-shaped face there are many options available. Such people tend to have cheekbones that are broad as well as high and their chins and foreheads are narrow. There are many different kinds of frames for them to choose from.

The best option for people with long faces is to pick frames that are either square or oval in shape and they should also go with frames with curved borders. These people should not go with frames that are broader than their cheekbones.

If your face is both long and oblong then you need to go with square shaped frames. You should not go with eyeglasses that extend beyond the width of your face. When you choose a large frame it will cover your face and also break the length of your face.