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Progressive Glasses

Progressive lens: This category of eyewear frames represent a huge assortment of modern, trendy, even elegant styled frames for your no line bifocals or varifocal eyewear prescription. The lens will allow far and nearsightedness in one lens. Check out the over 180 different frame styles and have fun picking your choice of frame shapes, and colors or pattern options. Progressive lenses offer crisp, comfortable vision with no unsightly bifocal lines and adjusting to progressive lenses is quick. High quality bifocal and progressive lenses in the most stylish eyeglass frames sold at competitive prices from EyewearCanada.com.
Progressive glasses grant you the freedom to focus on both close-up items as well as distant objects. Our vast range of progressive glasses includes full-rimmed, semi-rimless and even rimless models, giving you the option to choose the perfect pair for your needs and personality.
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