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Single Vision Lens: Single visions lens are best in frames to fit people who have myopia or nearsightedness, or hyperopia which refers to farsightedness. If you need a pair of reading glasses single vision lens can help you there. You can even fancy up your single vision eyeglasses by getting transitional shading crafted into the lens. Go from sunshine to shadows while keeping your smiles. Without that blurry temporary loss of vision that is associated with going from bright outside sunlight to the semi-darkness. Single vision prescription lenses contain the same amount of vision correction over the entire lens. These lenses can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Single vision lenses can come in a couple varieties. In terms of reading glasses, full frame reading glasses are your standard readers. Being wider, they provide a larger line of up-close vision. Single vision lenses can also be half frame reading glasses that are more narrow frames. These sit at the end of the nose, leaving your line of vision open for seeing things in the distance.
Single vision distance only –Enter values for Sph, Cyl, and Axis for both eyes, but leave off the Add number. Use the distance PD value.
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