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Stainless Steel Glasses or Titanium Eyeglasses?

There are several kinds of eyeglass frames that one can pick from. Among them, stainless steel frames and titanium ones are options that are worth finding out more about. Before putting your money down on either one of them it pays to find out more about whether one should go with stainless steel glasses or titanium ones.

Stainless steel frames are light and strong

Stainless steel frames are known for their strength and they are also very light. In addition, they offer greater flexibility and they are also very durable. The best thing about stainless steel glasses is that they are hypoallergenic. Stainless steel also happens to be much harder to manufacture and so their cost is generally on the higher side. It is also harder to get the right color finish and this again makes them costlier.

Titanium frames are also very tough

Compared to stainless steel glasses, titanium ones are also very tough. In fact, titanium is the new material from which modern eyeglass frames are being made. Titanium happens to be very light and strong and the material is also very flexible. This makes them superior to most other frames but the costs involved are also on the higher side. It is also hard to color these frames and so it is not surprising to come across titanium eyeglass frames that are unfinished. Even so, the unfinished titanium frames tend to look attractive in their natural silver-gray color.

Memory titanium frames

There is also another type of titanium frame. This one is known as the memory titanium which happens to be an alloy of titanium and it is added to get a better quality of retention of the original shape of the frame. Even if these frames are bent they will retain their original shape. However, this kind of titanium frame has nickel which adds to the weight of the frame and the nickel content also reduces the hypoallergenic qualities of these kinds of frame.

Titanium frames, contrary to popular conception, are not indestructible. However, they are aggressively being marketed as such but this is not true. Titanium glasses can break just like is the case with other kinds of frames. The only difference between titanium and other materials is that it is lighter in weight and it is also hypo allergenic.

The bottom line is that both stainless steel and titanium glasses are strong and light as well as durable. Titanium glasses are more scratch resistant and so may be a good option. Both stainless steel and titanium glasses are hypoallergenic, light in weight, strong and corrosion resistant. Titanium is available in more colors, patterns and textures.