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Tinted Prescription SunGlasses: Fashionable as well as functional properly tinted sunglasses offer simple pazazz as well as several wraps around the style of frames. They come in a mirage of materials as basic as plastic and as fancy as pure titanium. They can be tinted to your specifications and will help relieve eye strain from bright light exposure to lesser stressing dim lighting and back again. Tinting can be ordered in several of our different styled frames from all 7 different styles of Prescription Sunglasses available. If you need vision correction and outdoor protection, customized Prescription Sunglasses are the best choice. It can soften harsh bright light to relieve eye strain, meanwhile still give you 20/20 visions. Tinted Prescription Sunglasses look just like regular eyeglasses, with the prescription lens tinted Available Lens Colors: Grey, Brown, Dark Green (G-15), Blue, Pink, Orange Available Tint Darkness: Light 30%, Dark 70%, or You can also specify the percentage of darkness, just enter that percentage in the order comment field. * Please note the different type of lens and prescription might result in slightly different darkness even their percentage is the same. Available Tint Type: Straight, gradient *Graduated Tint are darker at the top to filter out the bright sunlight and lighter towards the bottom. Many designer sunglasses feature gradient tint lens. All of our lenses come with UV400 and scratch resistant coating at no extra cost.
Tinted lenses from EyewearCanada.com will dull light the most of all colors. It will aid in the reduction of glare. Great tint selection for sunglasses. Available in a variety of intensities.
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